100 Print Credits
10 Print Credits

How Charging Works

First 100 finalised circuits after signup:
Free within 30 days
Next 1000 finalised circuits after signup:
1 print credit (£0.25) per circuit
Next 2000 finalised circuits after signup:
0.8 print credit (£0.20) per circuit
Next 4000 finalised circuits after signup:
0.6 print credit (£0.15) per circuit
0.4 print credit (£0.10) per circuit

  • Charges are deducted from your ETAS account print credit only when a final report is generated (draft prints are always free).
  • Internet and sufficient print credit are required to generate final reports.
  • Final reports can be regenerated (e.g. to correct an error) at no additional charge within 1-hour of being first generated providing the base certificate number (e.g. ECR_01-02-2015_ETS001_SR_3898 ) is identical.
  • Final reports regenerated after 1-hour will be charged only for the circuits that have been altered since the report was first generated. If the data set was originally exported with test results intact from a previously finalised certificate (e.g. in your Vault or received from an end user/client), you will will only be charged for the circuits that have been added or modified.
  • Multi-phase circuits are counted as one circuit.
  • 30 days after signup the first 100 finalised circuits will be charged at 1 print credit (£0.25) per circuit.