Version 26.1 released 2020-03-11

  • Fixed rare bug that caused occasional crashes

Version 20.2 released 2015-11-12

  • Major update to summary of inspection in light of changes to regulations
  • Complete revamp of MCCB fields (MCCB database, custom devices etc.)
  • Updated bill of materials report
  • Diagnostics are now phase-aware wherever possible (cable overload etc.)
  • Even more responsiveness when handling huge data sets ( more than 5000 circuits)
  • Redesigned RCD board circuit picker for ease of use
  • Improved asset search
  • Improved readability of observation list
  • Bugfixes!

Version 18.1 released 2015-02-23

  • Updated bonding calculations
  • Usability enhancements for small-screen devices
  • Added option to disable on-the-fly calculations on circuit specification pane
  • More responsive UI when navigating large sites with thousands of fuseways

Version 17.3 released 2014-11-26

  • New documentation & help sections: symptom reference, observation template reference, flip field reference
  • Updated TT and earthing diagnostics
  • Main bonding tab now hidden when earthing is TT
  • Many bug fixes

Version 16.8 released 2014-09-25

  • Updated overload diagnostics
  • Improved complex MCCB selector
  • Tree state is now maintained after copying boards by drag and drop
  • Cleaner page breaking on circuit asessment sheets
  • Custom logo now appers on draft report
  • Standardized field order on EIC section F

Version 15.9 released 2014-08-18

  • Updated diagnostics
  • Cleaner overload workings
  • Fixed missing BS 4293 on circuit RCD
  • Fixed tab order
  • Fixed assigned observations list sort order
  • Updated footer on board schedules

Version 15.0 released 2014-06-31

  • Improved bonding diagnostics
  • Diagnosis text that causes field flipping in the summary of inspection is now displayed
  • Improved circuit statistics on certificate pane
  • Default protective device on fuse bus bar now TODO

Version 14.6 released 2014-06-02

  • Automatically jump to errors after status check
  • Always create new certificates in the workspace
  • Summary of inspection heading numbers are now embedded in diagnoses
  • Auto-backup folder is now automatically pruned

Version 14.2 released 2014-04-30

  • New feature: ring main wizard
  • Earth loop is now 3 decimal places
  • Many bugfixes

Version 11.4 released 2013-10-30

  • Custom Worspace/Vault location and simple file locking for use on PC networks
  • Updated cable reference method tables
  • Cosmetic fixes to board schedules report
  • Updated overload diagnostics
  • Faster tree operations
  • Fixed 2-phase terminal circuit icon
  • New prospective observation current advisory
  • New action: add split circuit to existing split circuit
  • Updated earth bonding checks for TT systems
  • Improved board cable CSA filter

Version 10.0 released on 2013-08-08

  • Faster startup
  • New version available dialog
  • Added count of outstanding earth loop readings to gauge of how much of site is completed
  • Show total remaining unassigned observations
  • Better report formatting
  • Faster and smoother delete
  • Maintain unassigned observation list position after deleting observations
  • New feature: restore from auto-backup
  • Orphan observations are now shown on report
  • Better overload diagnostics

Version 6.8 released on 2013-06-05

  • Updated bill of materials
  • Improved status check
  • Updated license agreement
  • Various report fixes
  • Disabled check compliance buttons on signed off report
  • View attached report button
  • Udpated documentation & help
  • New filename format for signed off reports
  • Added circuit totals and breakdown
  • Added PDF version of documenation
  • Improved auto-backup
  • Removed restrictive permissions on generated PDF reports

Version 4.7 released 2013-03-21

  • Updated completion report
  • New feature: auto-backup
  • New feature: Take ownership of certificate
  • Extract completion report from existing data
  • Enable commenting on generated PDF
  • Exposed conductive part checks
  • New feature: view all boards
  • Split circuits are now sorted correctly
  • Updated field flipping on summary of inspection
  • Handle orphan observations more cleanly
  • New report: board schedules
  • New report: Bill of materials
  • Updated sheathing and BS EN 60702 tables
  • Updated overload diagnostics
  • RCDs are now displayed correctly in the protective device chain
  • Updated RCCB diagnostics
  • New feature: auto-update
  • Speed improvements to diagnostics
  • Board bonding displayed correctly on reports
  • Insulation resistance diagnostics
  • Updated breaking capacity diagnostics
  • Updated help

Version 1.5 released on 2012-10-18

  • Updated RCD circuit selector
  • New feature: transformers
  • New feature: Delete multiple fuseways
  • New feature: Attach files
  • New feature: Ring main diagnostics
  • New report: completion report

Version 1.3 released on 2012-08-30

  • New feature: import/export certificate
  • New feature: reset fuseway
  • New feature: circuit cut and paste
  • Fixes to enable seamless upgrading from previous versions
  • Updated print wizard
  • Better integration with windows shell
  • New feature: summary of inspection field flipping
  • Usabilty improvements, including keyboard shortcuts & UI fixes for smaller screens
  • Improved drag and drop
  • Updated observation severities
  • New protective device types, breaking capacity diagnostics, and let through energy diagnostics
  • Updated schedule of inspections
  • Added ability to suppress observations
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